European Press Prize 2016

The European Press Prize is an annual award programme that aims to salute and encourage journalism of the highest quality throughout the 47 countries of the Council of Europe. On Thursday the 14th of April 2016, the fourth edition of the ceremony took place at Forum 2000 in Prague.

Quality journalism is of vital importance to healthy democracies, even more so in a time when information is omnipresent. As a consequence of a transforming and pressured market however, this quality has become increasingly difficult to maintain. The European Press Prize was founded by the Guardian Foundation, Vereniging Veronica, the Media Development Investment Fund, Jyllands-Posten and Politiken Foundation, the Thomas Reuters Foundation and the Democracy and Media Foundation in part to help counter the effects of these transformations.

Journalists from all 47 countries of Europe are eligible to enter their work each year. The preparatory committee nominated 33 entries for the short list of 2015. Out of this list, the following impressive pieces of writing were awarded by the jury of the European Press Prize:

The Innovation Award
Killing and dying for Allah – Five Portugese Members of Islamic State
Raquel Moleiro, Hugo Franco, Joana Beleza, published by Expresso, Portugal

The Investigative Reporting Award
Those who have been raped, raise your hand\
Marion Quillard, published by Revue XXI, France

The Special Award

  • The Wetsuitman
    Anders Fjellberg and Tomm W. Christiansen, published by Dagbladet, Norway
  • In the Promised Land
    Amrai Coen and Henning Sussebach, published by Die Zeit , Germany
  • Off to Europe
    Gert van Langendonck, published by NRC, The Netherlands

 The Distinguished Writing Award
The Fear-Sick Ward
Justyna Kopińska, published by Duzy Format (Gazeta Wyborcza), Poland

The Commentator Award
Gideon Rachmann Commentary
Gideon Rachman, published by Financial Times, United Kingdom