Democracy and Media Foundation supports The Correspondent with a loan

Democracy and Media Foundation (SDM) supports The Correspondent in its journey to a sustainable organization with a loan of 200.000 euro.

After a successful crowdfunding The Correspondent launched on 30 September 2019 with founding members from more than 140 countries. After the first year, The Correspondent employs five outstanding correspondents producing quality journalism on subjects that hold great societal relevance. However, the platform is not yet self-sustainable. To support The Correspondent in its growth to a sustainable and financially self-supportive organization, Democracy and Media agreed to an additional loan of 200.000.

SDM has a stake of five percent plus a priority share in The Correspondent since 2017. The priority share enables SDM to safeguard the principles behind the platform. This means SDM fulfills a similar role in The Correspondent as with the Dutch-language De Correspondent, where DMF is a priority shareholder too.

We are proud to have been engaged with De Correspondent and The Correspondent since the beginning. We trust the team behind The Correspondent and look forward to further growth of the platform in the coming years.