Pillars and priorities (closed)

This call is currently closed! Note that the information on this page might not fully apply anymore during the next call. The next General call will open the beginning of September 2017. 

We are looking for organizations, projects and other initiatives that match our mission to invest time, money and effort in independent media and a strong and just democratic state based on the rule of law.

This mission can be traced back to the origins of the foundation. Since more than seventy years, the Democracy and Media Foundation aims to counter totalitarian phenomena in social and political life, while striving for a vigorous democracy and independent, multifaceted, opinionating media.

In short, the foundation’s funding strategy is guided by two objectives, elaborated in five pillars. If your initiative matches one of these pillars you may qualify for financial support. To read more about the pillars and their definitions, click below on the links.


Objective 1: Stimulating independent, critical media

Pillar: Truth-seeking

  • Priority: investigative journalism relevant for public interest, preferably aimed at reducing or dismantling threats to our fundamental rights

Pillar: Media innovation

  • Priority: Developing innovative business and distribution models.
  • Priority: Researching and/or responding to new power dynamics in today’s media landscape.
  • Priority: Innovative approaches to journalism that garner a steady following of readers who are interested in stories supporting the objectives of the Democracy and Media Foundation.


Objective 2: Guaranteeing and upholding a strong, just constitutional democracy.

Pillar: Fundamental rights and liberties

  • Priority: Initiatives concerned with freedom of speech.
  • Priority: Initiatives concerned with the ban on discrimination and racism.
  • Priority: Initiatives concerned with respect for (digital) privacy and civil rights.

Pillar: Vigorous democracy

  • Priority: Developing new inclusive democratic practices in a way that suits the digital era of informed citizens with diverse backgrounds.
  • Priority: Contributing to increasing accountability of governments, companies and social institutions.


Pillar: Commemoration and Remembrance (always with a direct and substantial link to today)

Priorities for initiatives which pay attention to:

  • the history of resistance newspaper Het Parool
  • events that took place during the Second World War
  • the history of Dutch slavery and the colonial past of the Netherlands
  • resistance against totalitarian power in general


Click here to read all information combined in one document.


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