Timeline (closed)

This call is currently closed! Note that the information on this page might not fully apply anymore during the next call. The next General call will open the beginning of September 2017. 

You can submit your application for financial support via our web form (for more informatie on the required documents, click here). The deadline for applications is Sunday 14 May 2017. You will receive a confirmation of receipt the Monday after the call has closed. The applications submitted in response to this call will be reviewed in two rounds.

First round (results announced on Monday 5 June 2017)
During the first round, all applications will be reviewed on:

(1) the alignment with the objectives, pillars, priorities and core values of the Democracy and Media Foundation.
(2) the added value compared to other initiatives, whether financed by the Democracy and Media Foundation or not, that cover similar themes and have similar priorities.

Applicants will receive the results of the first round per email on Monday 5 June 2017 at the latest. Due to the large number of applicants, all decisions will be communicated per standard message.

Second round (results announced on Friday 14 July 2017) We may invite applicants for a personal interview during the second round. We may also consult external experts and referees for advice on the applications at hand. The Democracy and Media Foundation will make its definitive decision based on all input (the application, the possible interview with the applicant and the feedback of consulted experts and referees). Applicants will receive the final verdict of the second round on Friday 14 July 2017. Applicants should therefor bear in mind that projects can only start after 14 July 2017. Due to the large number of applicants, all decisions will be communicated per standard message.

Request for reconsideration
The Democracy and Media Foundation is a financially independent institution that makes its own considerations when providing financial support. Applicants who feel their proposal has been rejected on demonstrably false grounds can submit a (digital) written request for reconsideration to the director the Democracy and Media Foundation. They will receive an answer within six weeks.

Click here to read all information combined in one document.

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