Free and Fearless: The Story of the First Parool Trial – a podcast

Annually on the 5th of February, the contributors to the illegal resistance newspaper Het Parool (founded during Word War II) are commemorated at the ‘Eerebegraafplaats’ in Zandvaart. a large part of this group was executed after the First Parool Trial on the 5th of Februay 1943, while others were deported to a concentration camp or imprisoned. Throughout 2018, the creators behind the Republic of Amsterdam Radio have researched the history of this First Parool Trial and the illegal resistance newspaper Het Parool, a history  in which the Democracy and Media Foundation also finds its origin (read more about this connection on this page). Based on this research an English podcast consisting of three parts was produced.

In this podcast series several individuals are introduced to the listener that have sacrificed their lives to ensure that freedom of speech and free press did not disappear completely from the at that point totalitarian state of the Netherlands.

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