Need to know

General information

In order to realize the Foundation’s aims, its administrative board can engage in all the activities which it deems appropriate. This includes, among others:

  • support for institutions that organize debates or lectures;
  • support for individuals, institutions or groups which contribute, for example, by means of publications, documentaries or exhibitions, to the promotion of the ideals of those who established the Foundation. These supportive activities are achieved by means of subsidies, loans and in some cases investments.

The enormous changes in the media which have come about as a result of digitization and the arrival of the internet – a development the end of which is not yet in sight – are forcing the Foundation to reconsider continuously the means by which a diverse media landscape and individual freedom of speech and thought can be protected. This means, in practical terms, that the Foundation has to direct its efforts to a broad set of activities. To this end, the Foundation is cooperating, at both the national and international levels, with other organizations which energetically support the same goals.

The international subsidy-supported activities are confined to Europe.

Subsidies, loans and investments


The Foundation provides financial support in the form of subsidies to organizations and projects which contribute to the achievement of its goals. This can take the form of one-off (start-) subsidies or long term subsidies. Financial support is restricted to projects in The Netherlands and upcoming democracies in Europe.


In some cases the Foundation will provide financial support in the form of a loan, usually covering a period of several years. This will generally involve institutions or organizations which the Foundation considers worthy in the context of diversity in the media or freedom of thought among the general public. Loans can be advanced if the relevant organizations are in need of temporary financial support to ensure continuity in their work.


In exceptional cases the Foundation can provide financial support by making available capital in the form of an investment. In this way, the Foundation establishes an unusually strong commitment with the relevant organization. This has to do with significant amounts of money which an organization requires as start-up capital.