At the moment, the Democracy and Media Foundation (SDM) will not assess any new project proposals. This also means that we won’t assess any eligibility requests. From the 1st of September 2021 onward, new project proposals and eligibility requests can be submitted again.

In recent years, SDM has worked with three general calls for proposals per year, in which new grant requests could be submitted. In 2021 we will change our processes for application and assessment.

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In exceptional and urgent cases, SDM will be open for new proposals that match our current priorities. You can submit an urgency request via this form. If you have any questions, you can contact us via e-mail ( or telephone (+31 20 5300 300). Down below we have answered a couple of frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it not at all possible to apply for a grant during this time frame?

In rare, exceptional cases it will be possible to have your application assessed during this time frame. If you believe that sending in an application is essential and your project is urgent, you can submit an ‘urgency request’ via our website.

  • For which cases can I submit an urgency request?

When the external circumstances (not related to the applicant) have changed in such a manner that it requires action, for which timing is of the essence. In other words, current events that require you to respond and take action. Urgency unfortunately does not entail being unable to wait until September, in relation to the the timeline of the applicant.

  • I’ve already received a grant for a project, but I would like to submit an application for a follow-up project. Is this possible?

Proposals for follow-up projects can be submitted from the 1st of September onwards.

  • Will the DMF lower the available grant budget?

No. SDM does not intend to adjust the grant budget. However, it is possible that some priorities will receive more attention in the future and the application process will most likely change.