As the Democracy and Media Foundation (DMF) is in the process of working out the details of its new strategy, it will not issue its usual Calls for Proposals. We are, however, still open to good ideas that contribute to independent, critical media and/or a strong, just, fair and democratic state. If you would like to submit such an idea to us, please fill out our form using this link. If your idea matches our mission, we will contact you within 4 weeks. 


  1. Who can submit an idea?

Anyone can submit an idea: legal entities and private individuals alike.

  • What requirements must my idea meet?

It must match DMF’s mission, have clear added value and be feasible. Click here for the grounds for exclusion

  • How does the process work?

At least two of DMF’s staff will read and discuss ideas that have been submitted. However, we will only schedule a telephone conference to obtain additional information if we think that the idea stands a real chance of being eligible for funding. This will always be done within 4 weeks.

  • Is funding capped?

Not necessarily.

  • What are the chances that my idea will be financed?

That is hard to say. Given the large number of applications that Democracy and Media Foundation receives and its limited budget, the Programmes Team must make tough decisions. On average, we approve 17% of the proposals we receive. 

  • I would like to set up a meeting with you, is that possible?

As DMF has deliberately chosen to have a small office and we want to use our time as effectively as possible, we do not schedule introductory meetings if we do not have any immediate reason for doing so.