General call (closed)

Currently this call is closed. The General call will open again on the 2nd of September through the 29th of September 2019. 

Do you want to contribute to independent media and a strong, just democratic state?

Do you have an initiative that stimulates independent and critical media, or one that sustains or promotes a strong, and just democratic state? Does your initiative match our pillars of truth-seeking, innovation in media, fundamental rights and liberties, vigorous democracy or commemoration and remembrance? Then you are welcome to submit a project proposal.

You can submit project proposals between Monday 6 May 2019 and Sunday 2 June 2019. It can only be submitted by registering it via our SDM portal [not available]. Read this document to find out everything you need to know about this call, regarding the criteria pertaining to the call and which themes might be prioritised. To see an overview about our procedure, scroll down for our infographic.

Are you unsure if your proposal matches our pillars and/or other criteria and therefore would be eligible for assessment within one of our calls for proposals? Please click here for the eligibility check. We will try to let your know within 2 weeks if your proposal is eligible for assessment. If you have not received a response yet close to the deadline of this call, don’t hesitate and submit your proposal!

Note that institutional funding cannot be applied for through our calls for proposals. 

The process goes as follows:


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Calendar 2019

General call 2019 – 1
Open: 21 December through 27 January
Decision: 29 March

General call 2019 – 2
Open: 6 May through 2 June
Decision: 9 August

General call 2019 – 3
Open: 2 September through 29 September
Decision: 29 November