General call (closed)

This call is currently closed! Note that the information on this page might not fully apply anymore during the next call. The next General call will open the beginning of September 2017. 

Do you want to contribute to independent media and a strong, just democratic state?

An open and inclusive democratic society in which leaders and administrators respect their mandates, and independent journalism informs the public and keeps those in power in check, cannot be taken for granted. Society has to be proactive about upholding and maintaining democracies based on the rule of law.

Do you have an initiative that stimulates independent and critical media, or one that sustains or promotes a strong, and just democratic state? Does your initiative match our pillars of truth-seeking, innovation in media, fundamental rights and liberties, vigorous democracy or commemoration and remembrance? Then you are welcome to submit a project proposal.

You can submit project proposals between Friday  14 April and Sunday 14 May 2017. To qualify for funding, your application must match either one of our two main objectives and one of our five pillars.

Want to know more about our goals, criteria and more information on the application process? Please read this document or have a quick look here:

Important! Applications can only be submitted through our web form. If you have collected all required documents and have prepared the information for the web form, you can click here (this form is currently not available) to start filling out the form. At the end of the form, there will be the possibility to upload the documents. Note that the form has to be filled out in one go.

Questions? Send an e-mail to

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