Eligibility check

Are you unsure if your proposal matches our pillars and/or other criteria and therefore would be eligible for assessment within one of our calls for proposals? Please fill out the form down below for the eligibility check. We will try to let your know within 2 weeks if your proposal is eligible for assessment. We will nog be able to inform you on your chances of receiving a grant, as this depends on the other submitted proposals within a call and the quality of your final proposal.

The aim of an eligibility check is to see to which extent your project proposal qualifies for assessment within a call for proposals. It is not a grant proposal, nor a pre-proposal. A grant proposal can only be submitted via the SDM portal when one of our calls is open.

If you haven’t received a response to your eligibility check shortly before the deadline of one of our calls, please do not wait for a response and submit your final grant proposal.

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