Fundamental rights and freedoms

In a strong constitutional state freedom, equality, and legal certainty are fundamental. Citizens may count on the protection of their rights from fellow citizens and from the government. Everyone has fundamental rights and freedoms.

These rights and freedoms are not always enforced as meticulously as they should be. To keep the constitutional state healthy, the Democracy and Media Foundation supports initiatives that uphold, protect and promote fundamental rights and freedoms.

Within the pillar fundamental rights and freedoms the Democracy and Media Foundation prioritizes initiatives that focus on:

  • freedom of speech, or the right to freely formulate and express an opinion within the framework of the law;
  • the ban on discrimination/racism as well as the (sub)conscious unequal treatment or exclusion of others based on certain personal characteristics because they are part of a certain group;
  • the right to respect for privacy in private and family life and correspondence in general, with emphasis on digital privacy.


Fundamentele rechten en vrijheden