How to apply

It is only possible to submit applications for project support during announced calls for proposals, by registering it via the SDM portal on this website. This enables the Democracy and Media Foundation to review all applications quickly and efficiently. The foundation will open calls for proposals approximately three times each year. Some calls will put emphasis on a specific focus area. Applying for institutional support is not possible. Only organisations with an existing relationship with the foundation are eligible and will be invited to apply by the Democracy and Media Foundation.

Are you not sure if your project is eligible for funding at the Democracy and Media Foundation? Please fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible. We will try to answer regarding the proposal’s eligibility within two weeks. If you haven’t heard anything yet near the deadline, do not wait for a response and submit your proposal. Will will nog be able to inform you about your proposal’s chances within our calls. Its chance will depend on other proposals submitted within the same call and the quality of your proposal.

Note: submitting this form is not the same as submitting a proposal within our calls for proposals. It’s only possible to submit a proposal for funding via our SDM-portal when a call has been opened. If you try to submit your proposal via the form below, it will not be assessed as a proposal. We will only check eligibility.

Currently there is no open call.


Calendar 2018 

2018 – 1
Open: 3 January – 28 January
Decision: 29 March

2018 – 2 
Open: 30 April – 27 May
Decision: 27 July

2018 – 3 
Open: 3 September – 30 September
Decision: 30 November

The Democracy and Media Foundation is a financially independent organisation that bases financial support on its own assessments. 


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