How to apply

Currently it’s not possible to submit a proposal. Read more about this here.

Individuals or organisations that have a project that matches the pillars and priorities of the Democracy and Media Foundation (DMF), can submit a grant proposal within our announced calls for proposals. The programme team assesses the received proposals as quickly and efficient as possible, within the defined time frame of 10 weeks at the most.

The General call for proposals will open three times a year. Within this call, all proposals that match the general criteria of DMF are welcome. The average grant is €15.000 and the maximum amount allowed to be requested is €50.000. In practice, a grant of this size is rarely granted to organisations that DMF has not worked with before.

Are you unsure if your proposal matches our pillars and/or other criteria and therefore would be eligible for assessment within one of our calls for proposals? Please click here for the eligibility check. We will try to let your know within 2 weeks if your proposal is eligible for assessment.

Note: Applying for institutional support is only allowed if invited by DMF to do so.

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Call for proposals

Read more about our general call or applying.

General call for proposals

Read more about our call against Muslim discrimination (Dutch).

Call against Muslim discrimination 

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Relevant pages

Not sure if your proposal matches our pillars and/or other criteria and is therefore eligible? Click here.

Eligibility check

Want to submit a proposal, but due to urgency you cannot do it within a call? Click here.

Urgency request

Want to apply for more than €75.000 or a different form of financing? Click here.

Unusual requests for financing

The Democracy and Media Foundation is a financially independent organisation that bases financial support on its own assessments.