Organisational support

Our calls for proposals are limited to applications for project support. The Democracy and Media Foundation always starts a partnership with an applicant by means of project support. Organisations who have not previously submitted an application for project funding, or who were not granted support for their project, do not qualify for institutional funding. Organisations who have previously received funding and are looking for institutional support can make this request outside of this call for applications, using the general e-mail address of the foundation:

Please mention the following information:

  • Name of the organisation
  • Contact
  • Short summary of the activities and objectives of your organization
  • Titles of your¬†previously funded projects, amounts granted and reference numbers.

To read more about our pillars and objectives, to see if the activities of your organisation match the objectives of the Democracy and Media Foundation, click here. Please note! This document was specifically written for the call for proposals published during the fall of 2016. It refers to a different procedure from the one for ‘organisational support’ and changes will be made before the next call for proposals opens.