Democracy & Media Foundation

We provide financial support for organizations and initiatives that contribute to independent media and a strong and honest constitutional democracy. Among other things, we fund publications, lectures, documentaries, exhibitions, journalism awards and training for journalists. Our assistance can take the form of counsel, grants, loans and investments. All of the initiatives and organizations we support contribute to one or more of our goals:

  • Opposing any totalitarian symptoms in social and political life.
  • Striving for a lively and decisive constitutional democracy.
  • Improving and supporting pluralism among opinion-forming media in the Netherlands, due to their crucial part in a constitutional democracy.
  • Commemorating those who have fought for freedom during times of oppression (always with a connection to the present).

We have given support to, among others, Yournalism, Festival ’89, GoodPitch Festival, the Biblical Museum, Humanity in Action and Movies That Matter. We are also one of the initiators of the European Press Prize and we own a minority interest of Persgroep Nederland, NRC Media and De Correspondent.