In spring 2015, the Biblical Museum in Amsterdam hosted the unique exhibition ‘I believe I am gay’. Photographers Hadas Itzkovitch and Anya van Lit made 37 portrait photographs of lesbian and homosexual Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. All subjects live in the Netherlands, but differ from each other in age, skin color and religious conviction – from freethinkers to ministers. Many homosexuals, despite their difficult position, maintain their faith. They continue to find inspiration and strength in their religion.

Director Judikje Kiers: β€œAn open and loving approach that shows the value of this combination.”

The Biblical Museum does not intended to propagate the Christian faith, but aims to show the cultural-historical influence of the Bible. With this exhibition, the museum aims to present the combination of faith and sexual orientation in a positive light, while also stimulating a discussion around this combination. Of course, the photographs themselves are also beautiful. To accompany the exhibition, the museum organized several gatherings across the Netherlands. Some were large and open to the public, others were small, held with just the photographs’ subjects and their families.

The Biblical Museum in Amsterdam is, in their own words, ‘where Bible, art and culture meet in a monument full of history’. The fact that this exhibition takes place in this museum, adds to its uniqueness. The exhibition impressively demonstrates that religion and gay rights are not mutually exclusive. With the support of the Democracy and Media Foundation, the museum has realized not only the exhibition, but also an accompanying publication, as well as events throughout the country.


Biblical Museum