The Correspondent is an online journalism platform founded in 2013. “We don’t want to drift with the news. We want to expose developments that occur at a greater depth,” says founder Rob Wijnberg. The articles on The Correspondent offer its readers new insights in the way the world works. The platform has 35,000 paying members.

The Democracy and Media Foundation was involved in the early stages of The Correspondent’s development. Because of this, members of the board were able to advise the founders of the platform on several levels. If needed, the foundation has the capacity to guard the platform’s character: thorough and ad-free. This influence is possible because of the foundation’s role as a shareholder. The support also included a loan and a grant.

The Correspondent meets several criteria of the Democracy and Media Foundation. They conduct independent journalism. In their aim to enable members to share their knowledge and expertise, we not only recognize our foundation’s M for Media, but also the D for Democracy.


De Correspondent