Journalism is one of the beacons of a civilization. Brave journalists keep freedom alive, and good journalism is essential to a democracy’s survival. This is why the Democracy and Media Foundation, together with 6 other parties, including The Guardian Foundation, Jyllands Posten Foundation and Vereniging Veronica, established the European Press Prize in 2012. Its purpose is to encourage and celebrate the very best of the continent’s journalism.

The judges are editors from 5 different countries. They award prizes in 5 categories, including investigative journalism, opinion pieces and innovation. In 2015, prizes were awarded to journalists from Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom, among others.

The Democracy and Media Foundation recognizes the importance of a European press prize. There is a lot of high-level investigative journalism in Europe, but not enough collaboration. This is a pity, because many subjects play on a transnational level. With this prize, the foundation aims to stimulate cooperation, as well as a strong international network.


European Press Prize