Britdoc finances independent documentaries and films. The organization is also constantly on the lookout for new ways to connect filmmakers with their target audience and potential financiers.

GoodPitch, organized by Britdoc, first provides filmmakers with training and workshops on how to present their film and increase their impact. There are more ways for a filmmaker to reach his goals than prime-time television, says outreach director Nicole van Schaik: “For example, if you make a movie about bullying, you want kids in school to see it. In that case, you can get in touch with policymakers in education.”

After an intensive preparation, filmmakers have four minutes to pitch their idea during the festival’s closing event. The public consists of policymakers, NGOs, brands and other organizations related to the movie’s theme. GoodPitch brings parties together who might otherwise might have a hard time finding each other.

The financial support from the Media and Democracy Foundation is of crucial importance, says Van Schaik: “We spend four months bringing together all these organizations and filmmakers. That would be impossible without the foundation’s support.”


GoodPitch Festival