Our society is becoming increasingly digital. This means concepts like safety and risk avoidance have become more important. Hightech applications have connected systems on a global level. They are becoming bigger, more powerful and less transparent. Hacking Habitat, a manifestation organized by Foundation Niet Normaal (Not Normal), deals with these issues. The manifestation aims to increase public consciousness of the influence of technology on our society. Additionally, the manifestation offers both high-tech and low-tech tools for citizens who want to escape excessive regulations.

During the preparations for 2015’s manifestation, Niet Normaal organized four Life-hack marathons. Here, themes that are urgent in today’s society were discussed by various groups of people. Participants were inspired and accompanied by speakers and artists to find life-hacks in complicated situations. Life-hacking is finding ways to cleverly navigate complex situations that you do not control.

The purpose of the Foundation Niet Normaal is to create popular art manifestations on socially relevant themes. Inspired by artists, thinkers and activists, Niet Normaal seeks to close the gap between public and politics. The foundation aims to show how informal survival strategies and small initiatives can conquer outdated rules and protocols.


Hacking Habitat