Students from the Netherlands, the United States and Bosnia-Herzegovina come together during Humanity in Action’s annual summer program n Amsterdam, where they follow classes and workshops on the themes of human rights, democracy and diversity.

The program creates a link between the Second World War and contemporary issues in the Netherlands. Director of Humanity in Action in the Netherlands, Inger Schaap, considers this a good starting point: “Those events show what happens in a failing democracy. For example, what is the influence of propaganda on the image of certain minorities?”

Schaap explains that the project is not an end, but the start: “We’re building an international network of young leaders. We want to enable young and ambitious students to be more than bystanders when they are confronted with wrongdoings related to these important themes.”

The Democracy and Media Foundation endorses this organization’s unique quality to let a diverse, ambitious and highly talented group of people reflect on their own country, background and behavior. With this critical approach, participants ensure the continued existence of their constitutional democracy.


Humanity in Action