The five-piece documentary series Leven in de frontlinie (Life on the front line) tells the stories of people who fight injustice and violence in service of nature conservation, human rights, social change and gender equality, risking their life to fight for their ideals.

The series focuses on unique people who try to accomplish change against the grain. Protagonists are challenged with doubts, dilemmas, and many intrusive experiences. They are constantly looking for a way out of dejection. The documentary’s creators, Annegré Bosman and Mildred Roethof, show touching stories of exceptional people who fight on the front line. Each episode shows the protagonist breaking taboos and confronting both himself and whatever he or she is fighting. The different themes covered in the series were basic health care during wartime, elephant poaching, sexual exploitation, child slavery and overfishing.

The broadcasts were accompanied by an interactive platform on This is a unique way to involve the audience in a show which deals with urgent topics. Thanks to the opportunity to discuss problems and suggest solutions, the audience is directly engaged. Through the website, the audience can enter into a dialogue with both the series’ protagonists and creators. Pluk Media created this online platform to offer interaction to accompany the series. This generates more attention for injustice, violence, exploitation and suppression. The series also posed important questions: who are the heroes of the viewers? Who inspires the viewers? Who do they want to see living on the front line?

The five-piece documentary was broadcast in 2014 by the NTR.


Leven in de frontlinie