The Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) supports independent media that provide news in emergent democracies and challenging environments. “By financially supporting these risk takers and world changers, we guarantee their freedom to do their work even better,” says the fund’s Chief Strategy Officer, Patrice Schneider.

The Democracy and Media Foundation has had a close connection to the MDIF for over a decade. By investing in the fund, the foundation has indirectly contributed to the financing of independent news services worldwide. By virtue of a strong network and incredible, dedicated people, the MDIF is active in countries where the Democracy and Media Foundation would be unable to operate on her own.

In 2015, the MDIF received an extra grant from the foundation, allowing it to make its own organization more sustainable. This is necessary, as the fund is under increasing political pressure in many countries. The business models of news services are also facing diminishing returns due to recent developments in digital media.

The fund and the foundation work closely together. “Our DNAs are exceptionally close,” says Schneider. “The issues concerning independent media that were important in the Netherlands in 1944 are still dominant in countries like Zimbabwe and Guatemala.”


Media Development Investment Fund