Movies That Matter uses cinema to make you think about human rights. Project coordinator Matthea de Jong believes in the camera’s power as a social weapon: “Cinema has an unparalleled potential: it opens eyes.”

The Democracy and Media Foundation supports Movies that Matter’s International Support Program. This program is intended to support other organizations to set up film festivals in developmental nations or countries where freedom of speech is limited. This support is not only financial. At least equally important are workshops, organizational aid and Movies that Matter’s international network. De Jong: “Over the past few years, I have noticed that those countries have a small number of stages and cinemas. A cultural festival is approachable, and that works very well.”

The support of Movies That Matter has enabled the organization of the Human Rights Human Dignity Festival in Burma, the Russian Side By Side LGBT festival and the Ciné Droit Libre in Burkina Faso, among others. The Democracy and Media Foundation gladly supports Movies that Matter, because its festivals are some of the few places in developmental nations were people can broach and discuss difficult subjects.


Movies that Matter