Yournalism is a platform for crowdfunded investigative journalism. Because readers can invest in topics important to them, underexposed topics end up in the spotlight. Yournalism facilitates a market driven by supply, says co-founder Huub Schuijn. “You decide what is investigated and what people get to read.”

Editorial offices are struggling with shrinking budgets, especially for investigative journalism. This means interesting subjects that require lots of time are abandoned in favor of simply collecting news. Together with readers, Yournalism aims to enable journalists to do thorough research, in order to uncover problems throughout our society. This means readers are involved in the research, which seeks to clarify important contemporary issues.

By working with editors and involving the public at an early stage, Yournalism gives a positive impulse to investigative journalism. Everybody in today’s media can crowdfund projects. “We assist journalists in crowdfunding, campaigning and in engaging their audience,” says Schuijn.

Yournalism’s great strength is the combination of approachable crowdfunding with media-specific campaign and marketing knowledge. There are already many parties who are capable of doing and publishing great research. Yournalism supports these parties by enabling financing and interaction with donors. Potential donors have access to Yournalism’s website, as well as the websites of Yournalism’s partners. Donors can also suggest a topic and offer their knowledge on the discussion forums.

Yournalism enriches today’s investigative journalism, and exerts influence on public affairs. Research done by Yournalism has even led to parliamentary inquiries. Successfully completed investigations have been published in De Volkskrant, Het Financieele Dagblad, EenVandaag, Vrij Nederland, Die Zeit, Mediapart, Courrier International, but also online on FollowTheMoney, ThePostOnline and on Yournalism also hosts events where speakers such as Hans Laroes, Agnes Jongerius and Arjen Lubach enter into discussions with Yournalism’s donors.

According to Schuijn, the Democracy and Media Foundation is more than just a financier: “They do not simply provide us with money, but also with their knowledge, insight and social network. And they are pro-active. That is at least as valuable as financial support.”

The Democracy and Media Foundation is proud to support Yournalism’s development.