Unusual requests for financing

Individuals or organisations with a request for financing that exceeds €75.000,-, a request for participation or a loan request can send in an outline of the proposal (max. 600 words) to info@stdem.org outside of our calls for proposals. This outline has to contain at least the objective and strategy of change and an overview of a budget plan.

The proposal has to clearly match the objectives and priorities of the Democracy and Media Foundation (DMF), both thematically as well as in its approach, as described in our general call for proposals.

Click here to read more about the objectives and priorities of DMF.

Unusual requests for financing will be assessed during our weekly team meeting. Based on the information sent, the team will assess if it is probable that the request will be granted. When financing is considered to be probable, more information will be requested and/or a meeting will be planned. Due to the limited (and over-demanded) budget of DMF, this is only rarely the case.

Note that requesting institutional support through a grant is not possible via this process. Only organisations with an existing relationship with the foundation are eligible and will be invited to apply directly by the Democracy and Media Foundation.