Urgency requests

Would you like to submit a project proposal, but are you not able to submit it for the call for proposal  due to its urgency? Please fill out the form below.  Will the project commence or take place after the decision date of the call for proposals, an urgency request cannot be submitted.

Urgency requests will be discussed during our weekly team meeting. Based on the submitted information, the proposal will be assessed (among others) on its topicality (current events) and we will decide if we consider it to be urgent enough to make an exception to our usual process. Since assessment via our call for proposals is preferred, considering our limited (and over-demanded) budget, a positive outcome is only granted in rare occasions.

The proposal has to clearly match the objectives and priorities of the Democracy and Media Foundation (DMF), both thematically as well as in its approach, as described in our general call for proposals.


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