Vigorous democracy

The level of trust and confidence in democracy is low. Citizens hardly have a say in the agreements that governments, corporations, and organisations make with one another. Despite that these decisions often have major consequences on the quality of the democratic constitutional state as well as on the lives of its citizens.

It is important for people from all corners of society to have a say in the policy that influences their life.  That is why the Democracy and Media Foundation supports initiatives that promote an inclusive and strong democracy.

Within the pillar Vigorous democracy the Democracy and Media Foundation prioritizes initiatives that focus on:

  • develop new inclusive democratic practices (both in participation and representation) in a way that suits the digital era of informed citizens with diverse backgrounds, with emphasis on the inclusion of voices that are not heard, that are underrepresented or not sufficiently acknowledged;
  • contribute to increasing the accountability of governments, companies and social institutions, for example by improving accessibility and transparency.


Daadkrachtige democratie