What we do

The statutory objectives of the Democracy and Media Foundation are to counter all forms of totalitarianism in social and political life and to strive for a vigorous democracy and multifaceted, opinionating media. These objectives are rooted in the origin of the Democracy and Media Foundation, which was established in 1944 by the founders of the illegal resistance newspaper Het Parool.

These objectives shaped the foundation’s current mission: to invest in strong, critical media and a strong, just democratic state based on the rule of law. The Democracy and Media Foundation provides financial support to organizations, projects and other initiatives that promote this mission. The foundation can also provide (external) organizational advice and/or bring different initiatives together. The objectives of the foundation have been divided into five pillars. Click on the logo’s down below to read more about the pillars and the associated priorities:

Objective 1: A strong, just constitutional democracy 

1. Fundamental rights and freedoms
Fundamentele rechten en vrijheden

2. Vigorous democracy
Daadkrachtige democratie
3. Commemoration and remembrance
Ge- en herdenken

Objective 2: Independent, critical media

4. Truth-seeking

5. Media innovation